GoYourOwnWay – Helping Veterans

Go Your Own Way is helping veterans deal with the transition from military to civilian life. The founder is actively involved in treating Veterans with PTSD, Traumatic Brain Injury and Military Sexual Trauma. The founder believes that there is a solution to the above mentioned “Traumas” if the veteran involved is willing to confront the issues affecting him/her. This confrontation will not easy and requires a lot of daily work but the results are worth it. Our lives are simply a series of “choices” that we make. It is very important to let the Veteran know that their past choices do not make them evil or a bad person but they made a “mistake” and to correct it they must learn from their past behavior and move on to live a fulfilling life.

The solution that is popular today is to drug the Veteran into numbness which does not allow them to effectively deal with their issues. In our dealings with Veterans we understand the positive effects of spiritual growth and individual direction on these patients. We draw upon the spiritual knowledge of the Native Americans, Eastern and Western religions, the Aborigines and others, as well as stories and guidance from other vets familiar with the issues and avenues available to them.

Our belief is that by following the examples of spiritual thought and action, one can greatly improve his/her outlook and the quality life. It is our purpose to make available as much information to the individual that will expose him/her to this way of experiencing life. We strive to improve the lives of others by opening them up to a new view and purpose of life.

We hope you learn and benefit from this site. Please look through the downloads and use whatever you feel will help you. We welcome your comments and suggestions to make this a better site. Send us an email at Contacts.

And remember, change in your life is possible… it’s only a matter of you deciding on making the change.