SGT BRANDI LOGOThis is the website of Sgt Brandi, a great site for articles, descriptions and information on all aspects of PTSD and more helpful links to other resources. There are two books, free for download, written in the language of the grunt. These two books have been invaluable to helping Veterans understand their PTSD.
The Warrior’s Code of Honor is extremely helpful for Vets struggling with PTSD. THE CODE Written by a Korean War Vet, it is a very powerful piece on understanding what combat does to a person. The writer has been struggling with his PTSD for 60 years and has inspired many veterans with his wisdom and experience.
make-the-connection-logo This site contains over 300 videos of veterans talking about their experiences, different symptoms of and how to get help for PTSD. The user has the option of choosing videos that apply to his/her condition.
HORSES FOR HEROES LOGO Cowboy Up! is a unique horsemanship, wellness and skill-set restructuring program based in Santa Fe, NM free to Veterans and active military who have sustained physical injuries or combat trauma (PTSD) during their time serving our country.
VA LOGO This site contains information about PTSD and services offered to veterans and active service duty members at the Veterans Administration.